Jungle Survival Training

Helideck Operator Training
Helideck Operator Training
February 2, 2019
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Helicopter Underwater Escape Training
February 20, 2019

Jungle Survival Training is to provide employees with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to sustain life in any situation in a jungle environment.

Jungle Survival Training CONTENT On completion of this activity, participants will be able to demonstrate a basic competence in the theory and practice of the following:

  • Golden rules of survival
  • Fire lighting – improvised – various methods
  • Survival overview – psychology of survival.
  • Water procurement – various methods
  • Dangerous animals
  • Improvised shelters
  • Traps & snares
  • Direction finding using the Sun & Stars.
  • Taste test – finding food
  • Knots, ropes & lashings
  • Health in the jungle
  • The Survival Kit
  • Area of operation – terrain, vegetation, weather patterns.

Participants are required to pass an assessment of practical skills and a verbal examination of theory.

The only pre-requisites are that the participant be of sound health.

The course is basic only. We cannot teach all there is to know about Jungle Survival in 2 days. Each subject will be described briefly in the classroom with practical training in the jungle-taking place on Day 2.
This Basic Course will give the participant sufficient knowledge to survive for 2- 3 days without problems.

ADVANCED Jungle Survival Training
There is an advanced course available, which entails the course participants spending 3 days and 2 nights in the jungle and extends his or her knowledge to the point where they are extremely capable in most abnormal situations in the jungle. The pre-requisites for this are the Basic Jungle Survival Course plus the rudiments of First Aid.

This course will focus on what to do if you are in a survivable air crash in the jungle. We will prepare you during the descent, the crash and how to survive until rescued. Pre-requisites will be either the Basic or the Advanced Survival Course.

Jungle Survival Training DURATION

  • Basic – 2 days: 1 in the classroom, 1 in the jungle
  • Advanced – 3 days in the jungle – 2 nights
  • Aircraft Survival – 2 days: 1 in the classroom, 1 in the jungle

Courses can be at your location or at Marine & Offshore training ground, please contact M&O for more details.

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Jungle Survival Training

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